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The Smoke (Feat. Gr3ys0n)

by Aramis616



Verse 1: Aramis616

I'm goin in, the winds of change they be soberin'
Talk behind my back and sorry black you ain't my dobermann
Stand above you hoverin', like that stuff you hold in
Actin' mad defensive but instead you should get over it

Getting older but my edge it hasn't dulled a bit
Soul forever burns my urn...it will be smolderin'
Long after, the last rhyme departs my lips in the
Harshest pitch...dragons kiss is hardly bliss, and I

Hardly miss, 99 percent accurate
Record is immaculate you'd swear it was an accident
Encryption I be crackin' it, ya ciphers are week, I can
outperform you rappers any night of the week, it's lookin

Bleak for the up and comers, should I decide ta...
Finally rise and awake from out my slumber...
Age is just a number I got old man strength
Warlord like I'm red-haired Shanks, I want all the smoke

Hook: Aramis616

I only care about the results, I risk it
all for the path to the G.O.A.T. I want all the
Smoke...when you see me on the approach, it's not a
Game I'm a go for ya throat, give me all the

Smoke...the rap game Mr. Shakedown
Best pack it up it's not a safe place to stay now
Leave 'em all shook like I'm a bully on the playground
Bombs gonna rain down....I want the smoke

Verse 2: Gr3ys0n

Yujiro Hanma in any gauntlet I am a monster
With one life my moves resemble those in contra
I grip the hammer like I’m a Kahn when I go and conquer
I heard a bitch said I suck, heh, ya momma

I’m 32 spitting 32 this is my sport
Lin Quei rocking black 'n grey with the Newport
Throwing bows with the golden arms word to U God
Clones get turned to sky walkers with no force

A sayian with it in any scrimmage I’m steady hitting
Surpassing any limits my biggest hater is penny pinching
They have to use my groups name just to get a mention
I’m glad the ops are still flinching off of my incisions

If there’s ever any confusion, if I
Had the will and drive to do the music
I’m lyrically Clark and Goku doing a fusion
If you blind off my improvements then continue playing stupid

You can die off of that diatribe
You know who am I when you see my sign up in the sky
...If u wanna scrap then drop a track
Otherwise shut the fuck up and go suck a sack


released July 14, 2023
Written By: Aramis616 & Gr3ys0n
Recorded by: Aramis616 & Gr3ys0n
Produced by: Mark Cooper
Mixed by: Aramis616
Mastered by: Aramis616


all rights reserved



Aramis616 Grand Rapids, Michigan

MC and Producer from Grand Rapids, MI.

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