Dragon Fist

by Aramis616



Installment #5 of my #12for2019 project. This is just one long free-verse chock full of nerd bars. Enjoy.


50 rings, seven emeralds I'm super sonic
call me the rebel....everything I do's methodic
plottin' on the throne like I'm next in line
I'm givin' you the best this time, with a fresh de-

sign, no more half measures...I gotta punish 'em
murderous intent when I appear right in front of 'em
top of my lungs yellin' "Ra!" while I'm sunnin 'em
battle for my soul man this world's gettin' cold, I've

decided...that I'm going rouge, beast mode Leu-
nitus... I exchange blows with the titans...
uh...keep it lit light a pilot, don't try it, bars
hard as a diamond, formed under pressure...-

test ya might...this is verbal kombat, man I'm
takin' this beyond rap and tearing up the contract
Luke Skywalker pick 'em off like they womp rats
can't nobody stop that...when I'm movin like the

Juggernaut, ain't no way of tellin if he's done or not or
done enough, up writin' rhymes 'til the sun is up
no more...bitin' my tounge...and y'all can hate me but-
....only a few got skills, and that's a maybe bruh

I'm going deeper than the navy does....it's Fri-
day and I'm spazin' out more than Smokey was on angel dust
when I rip it you can't tape it up, most of y'all is
fake as what....but I'm as real as a Panasonic

3DO, none of y'all can hear me tho, Hideo-
Kojima how I leave ya with a plot twist, Super Blue
Vegeta I don't need you bro I got this, Crusader or
Avenger doesn't matter cause I'm Toxic, never had an

option, embedded in my composition....you could
take the mind stone and couldn't stop my Vision, do
you...prefer truth or do you opt for fiction? either
way I don't believe you like a politician...caught you

slippin'...hit you with the Dragon Fist...never been the
hero, always the antagonist, passionate a-
bout my craft...they used to laugh at ya boy but I
proved I had guts cause the Craig I destroyed, do you

have it? ...spendin' every Penny of these Gadget's but
might self destruct when I finish with this passage
try to play me off like I'm average...on this micro
phone I'm a bad mother-(Whoo!) Sam Jackson

Dark Pheonix risin' from the ashes...Scott Summers
tactics, remove my glasses and you get blast-
ed, different flows in class, you've been enrolled, got my
sights on the gold....been playin' in the pros for a

minute now....I been climbin' up the citadel
always gettin' better probably never reach my pinnacle
tell me are you sittin' down, better stand up for the
finish...this is only the beginning!


released May 31, 2019
Written, recorded, and engineered by Aramis616


all rights reserved



Aramis616 Grand Rapids, Michigan

MC and Producer from Grand Rapids, MI.

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