King (feat. Mark Cooper)

by Aramis616



Continuing with my #12for2019 project, this one is for September and features the homie Mark Cooper. It's a track that's loosely based on the first villain from from First of the North Star, Shin (King). Enjoy!

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Verse 1 (Aramis616)

...They wanna see what I can do and try to draw me out
analyze my lyrics and decipher what the songs about
we are not the same and neither are we running parallel
I'm steady movin' forward while you're stuck up on the carousel

...I'm in the gym to work my body and my mind...
you rappers must be blind to see our fates as intertwined catch me
kneelin' at the shrine sendin' prayers to the wise, so when-
I ignite the flame then nobody has to die

a dragon on the rise, Ken Masters in his prime fan-
tastic sorta beast, I'm Rowling through you guys who be
hoping my demise comes quick...analyzing my de-
sign in hopes to find my Achilles to grip...I was

given this gift, and I have pledged not to squander it
working towards the cause and raise my fist against the fraudulent
I can tell you're pissed that I've evolved a bit...findin' out whats
causin' it is where you should focus in all honestness....

Hook (Aramis616)

...I have always been patient....
...and I've fought through the pain...
...all them things that you chasin'... and me we ain't the same....

...I'm on my way up...
...gotta lot more to gain...
...the truth in this life is you
prove with ya might, I ain't losing this fight I'm king!

Verse 2 (Mark Cooper)

Coming Soon...


released September 30, 2019
Written by Aramis616 & Mark Cooper
Produced by Buckroll
Mixed and Mastered by Aramis616


all rights reserved



Aramis616 Grand Rapids, Michigan

MC and Producer from Grand Rapids, MI.

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